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Residential Solar Installations

Residential Solar Panels Installations At Ciel Global, we understand the pivotal role your home plays in your life, and we believe it should be a haven powered by clean, sustainable energy. Our Residential Solar Panels Installations are meticulously designed to usher in a new era of energy efficiency, cost savings,…

Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment: Lighting the Path to Sustainable Change At Ciel Global, we believe in the transformative power of solar energy not just for individual homes and businesses but for entire communities. Our commitment to community empowerment goes beyond providing solar solutions; it is about fostering positive change, resilience, and sustainable…

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Annual Solar Panels Maintenance At Ciel Global, we understand that the key to maximizing the benefits of solar energy lies not only in the initial installation but also in ongoing, meticulous maintenance. Our Annual Solar Panels Maintenance service is crafted with precision to ensure that your solar investment continues to…



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