Solar panel offers: One crore homes getting solar panel installation offers a free 30 GW opportunity

India’s government just launched a game-changer Solar panel offer for solar power. PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana is one of the popular Solar panel offers of the government of India launched in 2024. To provide electricity for domestic usage for poor people according to Solar panel latest news. This…
Mahindra Solar Installation Project in Maharashtra

Mahindra Group To Invest ₹ 1,200 Crore For Hybrid Project In Maharashtra

The Mahindra Group is on its way to making promising strides in the renewable energy sector with the hint of a very large Hybrid Mahindra solar installation project in Maharashtra. This colossal plan, undertaken by Mahindra Susten, holding the Grievance Mahindra Group, is going to be revolutionary for the fresh…
factors to be considered for rooftop solar panel installation

What are the factors to be considered for rooftop solar panel installation?

Rooftop solar panel installation combines both economic and environmental issues. Therefore, they have increased in popularity amongst both home and micro-enterprise owners. While the first step is to have enough roof area for rooftop solar panel installation, but prior to rooftop solar panel installation it is necessary to carefully consider…
best solar panels in india

How To Choose Best Solar Panels in India

Best Solar panels and their accessories harness the sun’s limitless energy and convert it into usable energy. Choosing the best solar panels in India has never been easier. As the renewable energy market grows, solar tax credits and incentives designed to reward solar power adopters become more common. It makes…



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