Maximizing Solar ROI

installation of solar panels
dual-energy windmill and solar energy

Here to Know About This Project

Solar is more affordable and accessible today because the cost of solar systems has dropped and a range of financing options can help you meet your goals. Whether you lease, take out a loan, or purchase a system, you may be able to start generating savings right away.

Solar can save you money by replacing electricity from the grid with solar electricity generated on your roof. The cost of solar plus any remaining electric bill amount may be lower than what it was before solar.

Sourcing the Best of this Projects

The project data includes Items and Assemblies, Bills of Material (BOMs), and Approved Manufacturers Lists (AML). Multiple users can work as a team to complete sourcing and pricing activities, since the project lets multiple users view and modify the same components. Projects allow you to execute sourcing activities, including Request for Quotes (RFQs), depending on the lifecycle phase and analysis of your Item Master content.

Product Cost Management (PCM) consists of the Product Sourcing solution in combination with the Price Management solution to integrate and leverage valuable price and cost information within your business processes.

You can create a project from the beginning or create a copy of an existing project using the Actions > Save As command. The copied projects will not contain information such as partners, RFQs, supplier responses, and history.

Project Complete

This is the initial lifecycle phase of a project. In this state, you can edit only the Cover Page attributes, Item component data, and Attachments. In this state, however, you cannot create RFQs from the project. The RFQ creation and supplier responses are active after the project is moved to the Open state. Set by the project owner when all tasks for the project are completed.


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11 January, 2023

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